Which banks support betting in Ireland 2023

Which banks support betting in Ireland 2023

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I don’t know how to measure morality… However, I can say that gambling is a ludic fallacy. True games must occur in non-real space. The magic circle, a baseball diamond, doll house, where we can play without risking real-world dangers. Since gambling looks like a game, but uses real money, it is a ludic fallacy.

Gambling often uses specific patterns of activity which trick the brain’s chemical reward mechanism, to produce a kind of addiction. Secondarily, beyond the chemical buzz, the patterns used (4 wins in 10 tries, for instance) can bring on the so-called “Gambler’s fallacy” which makes one think you can recover lost money by more gambling, while the opposite is true.

Gambling also uses advanced game theory mathematics to insure the house wins by a reliable, advantageous ratio. That is how they afford those nice casinos. There is never any question about which party will come out on top.

So, is gambling a trick, a con, a lie, a theft, a possible addiction. Yes.

If by perfect betting tips you mean, people who give you tips on which team to bet on which game, then I am sorry to tell you the truth but there are no perfect betting tipsters. That is because at one point you will eventually lose no matter how great tips you will receive. That’s why I always cover all the outcomes of said event from different bookies and generate constant profit in long term no matter what happens in the game. I place the bets in a way that I will gain profit regardless of what outcome the game ends. It is called arbitrage betting. There are even apps that let you find these bets across internet from different sports bookies. The main reason why this works is because bookies tend to disagree on the odds of something happening. That is the only way to make profit in long run. You can get anywhere from 2–10% profit from each bet by arbitrage betting. Just keep repeating the same process and you will be able to earn good money from arbitrage betting.

Payment Methods

Payment options accepted by Livescore Bet Ireland include credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill. Also, the website provides dependable and secure payment processing, guaranteeing the security of customers’ financial data. Most deposits and withdrawals are processed fast, taking only a few hours in most cases.

This aspect can’t be stressed enough, because I see this being the main reason why most bettors are on the losing margin. You shouldn’t bet more than you could lose. Even though it’s obvious, I believe that it still should be said. Besides this, having a strict system to follow in terms of how you place your bets is also extremely important. When I talked with beginner bettors, this was always a question that popped up: “how much money should I place on a single bet/parlay?”

I always recommend them to follow a formula that I discovered a few years ago, and I’m loyal to this day. Percentage betting! This means that you have certain percentages that you place on your bets, taking into consideration how risky that bet is. You should never go above 10% of your bankroll. That’s 1/10 of the money you are betting with, it would be stupid to go beyond that, because no bet is a “lock”, no matter what some punters might tell you. Every bet includes risk, and you should try to minimize it as much as you can.

I usually bet 3, or 4, or 5% of my bankroll on a single bet. This allows me to have variance with my bets. It allows me to be a heavy load bettor if I want (meaning that I bet on a lot of sporting events). It also automates my stakes. If my bankroll increases, that means that my stakes will also increase. It goes the other way as well: if my bankroll slims down, my stakes will get lower. It is an amazing way to make sure that you never actually go bankrupt on your betting account, unless you are going on a monumental “cold” streak.

Which banks support betting in Ireland 2023

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